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Who Are Us?

We are PLANETA EXPLORA. In other words, the team of EXPLORACIENCIA SL. The company behind the brand Planeta Explora Museum and the brand Ciencia Divertida ( in Málaga and the province.

After a quarter of a century of experience, we are European leaders in non-formal education in the STEAM field. WORKSHOPS, Eco-Scientific CAMPS, EDUCATIONAL COMMUNICATION AND OUTREACH to the educational community, AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS, TEACHER TRAINING, and DISTINCTIVE EDUCATIONAL LEISURE.


What we are is the result of combining rigor and fun in a format
adapted to each demand for educational and cultural services.


Our team. Pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, biologists, environmental scientists, and management professionals, led by KARINA SOUZA DE SANTANA and GERMÁN BERNAL.

Our service presence is guaranteed by public and private entities. Junta de Andalucía, Universities of Málaga and Seville, Descubre Foundation (our manager is a trustee of SCIENTIFIC TOURISM at the Foundation). In Málaga, we are in permanent collaboration with ENCUENTROS CON LA CIENCIA (UMA) and SOCIEDAD MALAGUEÑA DE ASTRONOMIA.

Our headquarters are in Benalmádena, at Puerto Marina, and at Tivoli World Amusement Park, currently closed to the public. We also have permanent services in Alhaurín de la Torre - Museo Andaluz de la Educación. In addition to major projects that will be unveiled in the near future.

As part of the Ciencia Divertida Group, our over 20 years of experience in education ensure professionalism and passion in each service. Since 1996, Ciencia Divertida has managed innovative projects in Education, Culture, Leisure, and Communication. Our main mission is summarized in the motto of our network: "Educating the society of the future."

Ciencia Divertida coordinates its network across all countries, leading the sector of child education and entertainment at an international level. The central headquarters in Spain is located in Seville, providing national coverage through a wide network of branches present in all autonomous communities. Our services consist of hundreds of experiments, dynamics, games, and activities carefully selected and grouped by areas of knowledge with a common denominator: Learning through fun and rigor.

Our Mision

Our mission is to promote an investigative attitude, awaken curiosity and imagination in children and young people by capturing their attention and maintaining it through enjoyable and educational experiences, always with rigor, to understand the importance of science and its impact on the world around us.

The projects we undertake employ a methodology comprised of interactive activities that MILLIONS OF PARTICIPANTS AROUND THE WORLD have already taken part in, bringing them into the world of SCIENCES in an innovative, rigorous, and fun way. Dynamics, models, experiments...

We offer an innovative educational intervention concept that allows young learners to discover and acquire fundamental knowledge for their education while having fun and playing. Combining learning and enjoyment from an innovative and highly professional pedagogical methodology is the theoretical foundation of our activities.

All of this is articulated based on four fundamental pillars that define us: our clients, commitment to the environment, society, and our human team.