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Workshops in your classroom

Transform Your Classroom into a Laboratory with Planeta Explora-Ciencia Divertida

We come to your school and provide the service you need to complement your classroom curriculum, whether through projects or based on your methodology. You propose the content, and together we shape the proposal. All STEM subjects and educational levels are covered by our services.

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Environmental Education

We work for the sustainability of the future!


Since 2000, Ciencia Divertida has been managing comprehensive and innovative environmental services. The central headquarters in Sevilla provides national coverage through a wide network of branches present in all autonomous communities.

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Rethinking Lab

This educational program has been designed for implementation within the facilities of educational centers that demand it. The activities within it have been designed for the different educational levels as outlined in Organic Law 2/2006 on Education, as well as Organic Law 8/2013 for educational improvement (LOMCE).

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Extracurricular Workshops

The extracurricular programs of Planeta Explora - Ciencia Divertida® are available for both public and private schools, as well as parent-teacher associations.

These sought-after practical activities provide significant learning value and encourage active student participation. Our Extracurricular Programs are aimed at children aged 4 to 12. We organize workshops with each participating school based on their scheduling and group needs.

Always with rigorous and professional collaboration agreements, as well as all legal, labor, and administrative obligations.

Extracurricular Activities Program

It is our pleasure to share our experience with a school like yours, or rather, with schools like yours. We believe that Atendis' reputation and expertise are a guarantee of an interested community, educational values, and social commitment that enhance the value of any activity within the school.

Our workshop: INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, FOCUSED ON PARTICIPANTS' AND FAMILIES' SATISFACTION, RESPECTFUL OF THE SCHOOL'S PEDAGOGICAL VALUES, AND COORDINATED WITH IT, aims to be a benchmark of modern and enjoyable education. It is BILINGUAL, led by a highly qualified professional team serving the educational community.

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Objectives of Extracurricular Programs

Promote children's interest in the world of science through experimentation and direct observation of the world around them.
Our unique methodology allows children to actively participate in the learning process. We use creative participation techniques to develop their imagination and intellect.

Or in PROGRAMS WITH ASSOCIATIONS AND ENTITIES. Like the Marbella-San Pedro-Estepona High Abilities Association or the Málaga High Abilities Association, etc.

Management of Programs with Educational Centers

Since the inception of the programs currently being implemented in many educational centers, such as IMPULSA or PROA, we have worked directly with more than 25 centers, offering a variety of options and comprehensive management services.

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Proa - Impulsa

Since the inception of Impulsa and throughout all its editions, we have been accumulating services in friend centers to Planeta Explora-Ciencia Divertida:

  • Curricular Fun Science Program for Proa and Impulsa
  • Fun Eco-Science Program: with and without school garden for Proa and Impulsa.
  • Cine Science Program for Proa and Impulsa
  • Clasformatics Program with and without computational thinking for Proa and Impulsa
  • Educational Space Adaptations: Future classroom, Andalusian green classrooms, sensory and psychomotor stimulation spaces
  • Mentor Accompaniment Program for Kindergarten and Primary: General and with emphasis on English support or instrumentals for Proa and Impulsa.



Organization of camps

We offer our extensive experience in the design, coordination, and execution of URBAN CAMPS. We work by analyzing the characteristics and needs of our participants, spaces, clients... and proposing content and activities with the goal of creating meaningful learning experiences for our recipients: experiences that teach and entertain, while they learn and enjoy. Our Camps are the most demanded and appreciated in the science-STEM-oriented area.

In Málaga, since 2013, we continue work that was started in Sevilla or Madrid, among other locations. In 1996, with CAMPS, SCIENTIFIC COLONIES, ENVIRONMENTAL, ASTRONOMICAL DAYS AND WEEKS, etc. in collaboration with many schools and institutions like the COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY OF MADRID, CSIC, CASA DE LA CIENCIA IN SEVILLA...

Today, we have already had 60,000 satisfied participants on the Costa del Sol in just 6 editions of our services: in TIVOLI WORLD, PLANETA EXPLORA, our flagship, and from there, some references include:

  • TALENT with ACM MARBELLA-SAN PEDRO, since 2018.
  • SCIENTECH WEEKS in Estepona
  • SUMMER CAMPS of Attendis in Las Chapas-Ecos and El Romeral Sierra Blanca
  • With ASA MALAGA, the University, and Encuentros con la Ciencia STEAM SUMMER.
  • Urban Camps in Benahavis, Marbella, or San Pedro.

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Teacher Training

Enjoy basic training in the field of STEAM education (science and technology) for non-formal education activities: campuses, extracurricular activities, workshops, museums, etc.

With the guarantee of Planeta Explora and its track record, delivered by top professionals in Pedagogy, Experimental Science Didactics, Robotics and Programming, and Professional Guidance.

You will learn simple experiments to use in your work, basic programming and robotics, and this will serve as a starting point for you to delve deeper as far as you wish.

The training is certified by EXPLORACIENCIA S.L., owner of the brands Planeta Explora, Ciencia Divertida, and Explora Ciencia EdTech, and is endorsed by public and private entities such as the University of Seville, University of Malaga, Encuentros con la Ciencia, and is guaranteed by its reputation throughout the educational community in Malaga, Andalusia, and nationally.