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Germán Bernal Girón

Director of Planeta Explora and Manager of Ciencia Divertida Spain.
Graduated in Philosophy and Education Sciences, with national and international experience and recognition in academic and business fields, with over 20 years of experience, passionate about education and forming teams capable of collaborating and cooperating to seek innovative and effective educational responses.
Phone: 697 141 657


Manager of Ciencia Divertida in Malaga and Pedagogical Director of Exploraciencia
Pedagogue and Educational Psychologist, with international experience in center management and educational management. She directs our monitors towards customer satisfaction and is an expert in being aware of every little need.


Fran Lukas

Social Educator. His extensive experience in educational management, animation, children's leisure, and theater, provide light and model to all other monitors, who always find help, support, and encouragement in him.



Silvia Rosales & Rafa Martín

And, of course, we do not forget and greatly value the contribution of Silvia Rosales and Rafa Martín, who have become true references and an integral part of our identity and services.



Advisors and Collaborators

In addition to our collaborators, great professionals such as:

Methodology endorsed by Dr. Araceli Estebaranz (Didactics Department of the University of Seville). We have an agreement with the prestigious initiative with meetings with the science of the University of Malaga.

We develop joint activities and count on the invaluable collaboration of Dr. Enrique Viguera and Dr. Ana Grande.

Moreover, more than 30 active researchers from the UMA, Malaga Astronomy Society and Encounters with Science collaborate with us.