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Services to Administration and Organizations

Social Awareness Campaigns

Increasing Children's Awareness of the World Around Them

For many years, PlanetaExplora® has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on raising awareness about important aspects of health, nutrition, and the environment.

These campaigns help children become more mindful and appreciative of the environment and the world they live in. We have created campaigns for foundations, administrations, and governments as well as for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments of global companies.

Campaign Objectives

- Learn about the project through their children.
- Appreciate the quality of educational work.

- Learn while having fun.
- Internalize content through games.
- Engage in activities.

What to Expect?

External Communication
- Launches
- Press campaigns
- Materials: comics, gifts, etc.

School Campaigns
- Image and content creation.
- School selection and information.
- Project development.

Other Events

- Solidarity events
- Opportunities
- Fairs and assemblies

The Lab Agengy

At Planeta Explora, we have extensive experience in communicating and conveying messages and values to society that large entities and brands request from us. One of these approaches is the creation of educational marketing campaigns for businesses.

Furthermore, we address the Corporate Social Responsibility of a brand or entity. We specialize in delivering messages to a child and youth audience through awareness, prevention, and consciousness-raising.

EdTech Consulting and Environmental Education

What Do We Offer?

Planeta Explora introduces EdTech explorascience.

- Online Content and Activities tailored to your needs and budget. Exclusive learning experiences.
- Custom Content Creation to meet your needs: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Videos, Infographics...
- Home Lab. Our Teletraining courses and programs
- Online Courses for Children and Youth: Computational Thinking, Educational Robotics, Fun Science.
- Online Extracurricular and Complementary Programs for your School: Professional Development, Extracurricular Robotics Instructor, STEAM Method, Science Class Experiments.

Some centers in the province of Malaga that have already trusted our Pedagogical Advisory:
Las Chapas School, Platero Green School, CIT Torrequebrada, La Asunción School, Marbella / San Pedro Association for High Abilities, I.E.S. Al-Baytar Benalmádena Science Fair, UMA: Encounters with Science, ECOS Schools, San José Obrero: Science Fair 2017, Hospital Classroom at Maternal and Child Hospital in Malaga, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón School in Rota, Eduardo Lobillo School in Rota.

Management of Science Outreach Programs and Events

Adaptation of Cultural and Educational Spaces

The adaptation of spaces for educational purposes arises from the intention to make educational experiences in the various spaces we offer much more comprehensive, meaningful, and motivating. Through the arrangement of materials and the structuring of the educational space, we will promote learning through discovery. This will turn the student into the true and unique protagonist of the teaching-learning process, with the teaching staff being mere witnesses and providers of materials.

Within this space adaptation, we have experience in preparing and managing educational museum spaces, creating our own exhibitions, the possibility of carrying out and complementing innovative school excursions and visits. We also offer our service of adapting Specific Classrooms in Educational Centers, including the provision of computer equipment and the installation of Home Classrooms, Psychomotricity Rooms, and multisensory stimulation rooms. Among the spaces intended to be used by students, we highlight Urban School Gardens, Artistic Murals, etc. All of this makes us an interactive complement to any type of exhibition.

How do we do it?



  • Museums
  • Inclusive Education
  • Artistic Spaces
  • Urban Gardens
  • Temporary Exhibitions




Program for Enrichment of High Abilities



Collaboration with the University of Malaga (UMA)



Collaboration with "Encounters with Science"



Collaboration with AstroMálaga